Ripon Youth Football Board of Directors

Effective June 1, 2019

Brent Sina, President (May 2020) 920-229-0930

Greg Dragolovich, VP President (May 2021) 920-850-3354

Rachael Schwandt, Treasurer (May 2020) 920-379-8547

Karyl Hanson, Secretary (May 2020) 920-948-3735

Casey Hiemstra, Equipment Manager (May 2020) 920-229-9551

Members at Large:

Tony Goeden (May 2021) 920-858-4570

Misti Stibb (May 2020)

Bill Larson (May 2021) 920-379-9033

Kim Kaping (May 2021)

Nicole Mashock (May 2021)

Sandy Briskie (May 2021)

Ripon Youth Football general email:

We are in need of more members at large. Each term is 2 years. Please let a current board member know if you are interested in joining our team. During the course of the year we meet once a month with some extra meetings around football season and during. Meetings typically last an hour to two hours.